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Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Iowa Fire Equipment Company offers Ansul wet chemical fire suppression systems.

Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Fire Suppression

As a leading fire equipment supplier, we have extensive experience and expertise in every type of fire protection equipment. Fire codes can vary depending on business types, and commercial kitchens and restaurants often require additional safeguards. Cooking oils and grease can elevate the risk of fire, so superior fire protection is required.

The fire protection of commercial cooking operations reaches far back into Iowa Fire Equipment Company's history. Iowa Fire Equipment Company takes great pride in being authorized dealers of kitchen or restaurant fire sprinkler, fire suppression, and fire alarm systems such as Ansul R-102 and Piranha, Amerex KP and Zone Defense, Kidde WHDR, Badger Rangeguard, and Buckeye Kitchen Mister. These lines of wet-chemical fire suppression systems offer the best in fire safety. 

Our commercial fire suppression system staff is factory trained and authorized to perform fire alarm installation and inspection on any alarm system. We also provide on-site OSHA fire safety training and tutorials.

We offer installation, inspection and maintenance for wet chemical fire extinguishers.Ongoing Maintenance

Professional ongoing maintenance of wet-chemical fire suppression and sprinkler systems is vital to protecting commercial kitchen equipment in the case of a kitchen fire. Due to the complexity and variety of fire prevention systems, it’s extremely important to have semi-annual inspections. With a maintenance agreement with Iowa Fire Equipment Company, we ensure everything is in prime working order. From fire extinguisher maintenance to exhaust system cleaning, we help keep your business safe.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression

In the unfortunate event of a wet chemical fire extinguisher discharge, Iowa Fire Equipment Company has the equipment and materials on hand to return your system to working condition.

We offer solutions for restaurants such as kitchen fire extinguishers and restaurant fire suppression systems.Restaurant fire safety goes beyond simply having proper kitchen fire extinguishers. The condition of the hood and duct in which the home fire suppression system protects is just as critical as the fire suppression sprinkler system itself. Excessive grease can build up inside the exhaust hood, adding extra fuel in the unfortunate event a fire starts.

EnVIROmatic Cleaning Services

Semi-annual cleaning of the exhaust system is highly recommended. Iowa Fire Equipment Company fully supports and recommends the cleaning services offered by EnVIROmatic Corporation of America, Inc. Contact EnVIROmatic today to schedule an appointment and get a professional analysis of your specific needs, at 1-800-325-VIRO.

Our sales staff can help you make the decision on which type of wet-chemical fire suppression best suits your application, whether it be an appliance-specific or an overlapping type fire suppression system. Iowa Fire Equipment in Des Moines, and across the Midwest, provides unparalleled fire protection and customer service.

The Best Fire Safety For Your Business

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