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Iowa Fire provides commercial fire extinguisher service across the Midwest and Florida.

Fire Extinguisher protection equipment in Des Moines is where Iowa Fire Company established our roots. As important as any fire protection equipment or system, a fire extinguisher is typically the first line of defense in a fire scenario, and as such, requires the same attention regarding maintenance and inspection as the more complex fire protection equipment or systems.

DOT Licensed

All three of Iowa Fire Equipment Company's locations are DOT licensed hydrostatic test, cylinder requalification facilities. We are able to perform fire extinguisher recharge, 6-year maintenance and hydrostatic testing in house.

Iowa Fire Equipment Company provides fire extinguisher installation, inspection and maintenance.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Our experienced and professional extinguisher inspection technicians are capable of fire extinguisher recharge at the customer's location. If fire extinguishers are required to be brought back to the office for more in-depth maintenance and testing, our technicians will leave "loaner extinguishers" in their place.

Our Fire Extinguisher teams are provided with all of the necessary equipment to install and repair most fire extinguisher cabinets.

Commercial Extinguishers and Cabinets

We are authorized distributors of many different commercial fire extinguishers including Buckeye fire extinguishers, Ansul Sentry and Red-line fire extinguishers, Kidde fire extinguishers, and Badger fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are also available through the Iowa Fire Equipment Company. We carry a wide variety of fire extinguisher cabinets to meet your fire protection specific needs.

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