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Stay OSHA Compliant

Fire extinguisher training is required by every business, so why not get your fire safety training from a company with an OSHA certification itself? The Iowa Fire Equipment Company is proud to provide OSHA-required fire extinguisher training needed to keep your business in compliance with workplace requirements. Our hands-on training provides you with fire safety education ranging from fire extinguisher basics to locations, fire hazards, evacuation plans, and more.

OSHA Rules for Businesses

Besides being a smart idea for workplace safety, OSHA requires businesses to follow certain fire regulations and requirements.

For example, OSHA rule 1910.157(d)(1) (along with local fire codes) requires businesses to properly maintain portable fire extinguishers of the correct type and class. OSHA rule 1910.157(g)(1) requires every employer to provide their employees with Fire Extinguisher Training "at least annually".

To make sure your business follows these rules, you must complete your safety training programs to achieve the necessary certifications.

On-Site OSHA Training and Tutorials

If traveling for training is an issue, we have a simple solution. The Iowa Fire Equipment Company provides on-site fire extinguisher training at your business or at our Des Moines location. Safety education programs matter not just for legal requirements, but for the safety of your work environment.

We can custom design a training program and work around YOUR schedule to provide the best training experience for you.

To learn more about our training educational topics and procedures, call Kris Schultz or Mark Richman at 515-265-8030 or 800-798-1440.

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