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Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

We offer sales, design and installation of Ansul fire suppression systems.Your Source for Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System Needs!

Flammable and Hazardous Liquid Storage

Every home and business has a plethora of fire risks. Flammable items like spray paint, cleaning chemicals, and especially hazardous materials can present a serious risk. Hazardous material storage areas require immediate suppression in the event of a fire. As a premier fire safety equipment company, we have everything to meet every fire safety need for your home or business.

Automobile paint spray booths, paint mixing rooms, and flammable or hazardous liquid storage rooms require immediate suppression in the event of a fire.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems are the best suited to protect from these hazards. This specific fire protection service is industrially designed for local application or total flood, utilizing ABC or BC dry chemicals. By volume, ABC dry chemical suppresses more fire than any other fire extinguishing agent.

We design dry chemical fire suppression systems specific to each hazard.Car Safety 

Vehicles of all types need fire protection from dry chemical fire suppression systems. Excavators, compactors, dozers, combines, de-icers, loaders, and transit buses all incorporate highly flammable fuels, oils, and hydraulic fluids. These flammable fluids all flow through pressurized lines just mere inches away from super-heated engine blocks, manifolds, and turbochargers. In the event of a ruptured hose, any of these flammable liquids can catch fire and spread quickly. As a result, having a dry chemical extinguisher on hand while you’re on the road is a vital safety tip. 

Ongoing Fire Equipment Maintenance Services 

Iowa Fire Equipment Company provides dry chemical fire extinguisher inspections and repairs.Due to the harsh conditions that these dry chemical fire suppression systems are typically installed in, ongoing maintenance is extremely important. Our fire suppression inspection and system repair teams can provide expert service on-site for most repairs and fire extinguisher inspections.

Iowa Fire Equipment Company provides sales, design, and installation of Amerex IS, Ansul A-101, Ansul A-101/LVS Twin Agent, Badger Industry Guard, and Kidde dry chemical fire suppression systems.


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