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Backflow Prevention Devices

Iowa Fire Equipment offers backflow prevention device installation.

Water Supply Protection

The protection of municipal water supplies is of paramount importance. After installing new fire sprinkler systems, the Iowa Fire Equipment Company requires the installation of an approved backflow prevention device as well, to prevent water in the fire sprinkler system from reaching domestic water service.

Retrofitting Applications

Iowa Fire Equipment Company also offers the installation of backflow prevention devices in retrofit applications, where the existing fire sprinkler system was originally installed prior to specific municipal requirements. In these cases, our diligent sales and design staff carefully evaluate the impact that a backflow prevention device will have on the performance of the existing fire sprinkler system.

Through the gathering of current water flow test information, and the performance of hydraulic calculations, Iowa Fire Equipment Company can assure our client that the newly installed backflow prevention device will not impede on the water demand required for the fire sprinkler system, all while keeping fire safety in mind.

ABPA and ASSE Certified

Iowa Fire Equipment Company's staff of qualified backflow prevention device technicians is ABPA (American Backflow Prevention Association) and ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) certified to perform inspection and repair on backflow prevention devices of all types.

Iowa Fire Equipment Company's warehouse stocks rebuild kits for Wilkins, Ames, Febco, and Watts backflow prevention devices, and our repair staff can provide certified repair for all of your backflow prevention devices and other fire protection needs.

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