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Iowa Fire Has Been Providing Fire Protection Service Since 1960

Iowa Fire Equipment Company provides the highest quality fire protection products and services available. We look forward to working with you on all of your existing and upcoming projects. From fire suppression inspections to fire alarm sprinkler system installations and more, we have you covered. We have just the products and services to help you.

All of our locations provide superior service and installation of virtually all types of fire protection equipment. These can range from fire suppression systems inspections to fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers. We maintain certifications and memberships in national professional associations. We are also licensed and certified to conduct business throughout the Midwest United States and southwest Florida.

High-Level Fire Protection

Throughout all of Iowa Fire Equipment Company's years, our approach to business still remains: "With a Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.” Iowa Fire Equipment Company realizes that there is a tremendous amount of trust between our customers and their fire protection systems.

Contractors and business owners rely on the Iowa Fire Equipment Company to provide fire protection equipment and system repair services. We ensure the highest level of fire protection for their properties.

Iowa Fire Equipment Company is a one-stop-shop for all of your fire protection equipment and inspection needs. We provide solutions from the initial installation, required fire code inspections, ongoing maintenance, and even training of fire equipment use. You can schedule your next service appointment or request an inspection via our online Service Request Form.

Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance

Please visit the pages to the left for detailed information about the installation and inspection processes. You can also find information regarding maintenance requirements for each fire protection system. This includes where the business is conducted for all systems that we install, inspect, and maintain.


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